How to Prevent Burglary In Your Store

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Crime rates are ever on the rise. Dwindling economic times lead to an increase in poverty. This fuels the minds of individuals to commit robbery or burglary. Over the past few years, there has been a 100 per cent increase in the number of burglaries committed. Important precautions must be taken to avoid burglary both at your home and workplace. A burglary can be very costly specifically when your confidential business information is at stake. Prevention is always better in case of burglary. You need to take certain security measures to keep burglars at bay.

Roller Shutters

Secure Your Place:

The first thing to prevent any theft is to get a shield. Ensure that your place is totally locked. All your windows should have a grill that can prevent thieves from breaking in. The lock you use should be of standard quality and must provide the highest security. A lock with pin-tumbler cylinder lock safeguards your place to a great deal.

Seal your doors with roller shutters. With these, you can ensure that your place will never even enter the mind of a prospective burglar. Roller shutters transform your workplace or property into a bastion that is tough to break in.

Keep Your Store Well-Lit:

Always ensure that there is adequate lighting both on the inside and outside. The majority of thefts are committed during the nighttime as most people are sleeping and there is a lesser possibility of getting caught. Having enough light ensures that the burglar will not have a shield of darkness to hide under. Indoor lighting demotivates burglars. This is because even if they are able to enter your store in some or the other way, the security guard on duty can view the disorder created even from a distance. In the case of police patrolling a burglar might be able to view the approaching police but, if dark, police might not be able to view him.

Keep Watchdogs:

Watchdog service is provided on an hourly basis by a number of agencies. You will never find your store on the burglar’s list if you use these watchdogs to spot-check one or two nights a week.

Set Burglar Alarms:

Go for a central alarm security system to notify, specialists in handling burglaries, about the burglary. Going for a building-type local alarm is a huge mistake as it alerts the thief but not any authorities, if not in the vicinity. There is a number of alarm sensing devices including radar motion detectors, invisible photo beams, vibration detectors, etc. which you can utilize as per your need. Another alternative you have is to go for an automatic phone dialer. When the alarm is breached, the police and the store owner are informed verbally about the encroachment.

Always be careful and cautious about any odd movement or frequenting of a stranger in your vicinity. Roller shutters, lighting, and watchdogs are preventive security measures, and security alarms are reactive security measures. Precaution and alertness can always prevent an untoward incident and protect your property from burglars and thieves.

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