How to Block Out Noisy Neighbours with Roller Shutters

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Do you lay awake at night because of your noisy neighbours? Have you asked time and time again to keep it down, but they just won’t listen? Thanks to our roller shutters, you can keep that unwanted noise outside.

How does it work?

Although roller shutters can’t keep out 100% of noise – nothing does –Roller Smart’s latest Smart Block-out Electric Blind technology means they can keep out up to 80%. They are often considered one of the most effective ways to keep out noise pollution, whether it’s from neighbours, roads, or local festivities. The thick and durable materials used can reflect and absorb sound waves from the outside, creating a tight seal between the shutters and the windows. As they are custom-built for your windows, there will be no gaps for noise to sneak into because you can adjust the slats to adapt to your needs.

Why you should choose roller shutters for noise reduction

They work both ways too! If you want a bit of privacy, or you’re the noisy neighbour people are always complaining about, roller shutters keep noise in as well as out. So, you can practice your drums, build your new project, and keep your private life private from both noisy and nosy neighbours.

Noise pollution can be a make-or-break decision for someone buying a house. If you’re looking to sell, but live in quite a noisy neighbourhood, you might want to consider installing roller shutters. They can put people’s minds at rest knowing that their house will be quiet, private, and also secure as there’s no way someone will be breaking in through these.

If you work overnight, they can make sleeping during the day a lot easier. By blocking out the noise, you won’t have to worry about neighbours waking you up, especially if they know you work nights. You can also adjust the slats for the light so with the darkness and the quietness, it will feel like you’re sleeping through the night, but during the day.

Roller shutters are extremely cost-effective. We use only the highest quality materials in our shutters to make sure you get the best experience and there will be no added costs after the installation – it’s even easy to maintain them yourself. We offer payment plans on all of our products with 0% interest, so you know exactly what you’re paying upfront.

 Installing your new noise protection

At Roller Smart, we’ll come and install your roller shutters at a time that suits you. It’s quite a simple process, so you won’t be left waiting around to shut out the noisy neighbours. Even the installation of the shutters won’t be too noisy – we’ve worked around a sleeping baby!

We’ve been working in the shutter industry for over 10 years and are highly committed to ensuring our customers are happy with the shutters and the job we do – if the job isn’t done within 10 days, we’ll finish it free of charge. We even offer a high-quality service on both the shutters and the motor, we’re that confident in the quality of our work.

If you’re still not sure…

You can come and visit us in our factory to see how our shutters are made. You’ll see all of our high-quality materials being tested and made to other people’s specifications. If you’re worried about what it might look like, we can offer a free visual design of the shutters on your home with your choice of colour and designs.

Give us a call on (08) 6156 3277 for a quote and a chat and we’ll come out to you with any advice or help you might need.

Get in contact today to begin your Roller Smart journey!

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