Residential Roller Shutters

Residential Shutter Range

Enhance your home with custom-made roller shutters. Roller shutters add value to any home and are a worthwhile investment that your family will enjoy for years to come.

Enjoy peace of mind with the added security that comes from installing strong and durable roller shutters. Reap the benefits of lower energy bills as roller shutters keep the warmth in during winter, and keep it out in summer. Roller shutters are ideal for keeping out noise for a better night sleep, plus for shift workers, enjoy the block out of sunlight when the shutters are lowered.

Modern and stylish residential roller shutters from Roller Smart are also extremely practical. Using up-to-date technology, our shutters can be controlled using your mobile phone via our exclusive wifi hub and app.

The future of roller shutters is here. Modernise your home with secure, functional and stylish roller shutters from Roller Smart.

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Save Money On Bills

Roller Shutters effectively shield from direct sunlight saving you costs on cooling your home.

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Feel Safer In Your Own Home

Roller Smart Shutters manufacture the strongest, best quality and safest shutters.

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Protection from the elements

Our sealed roller shutters shield you, your space and your furniture from wind, rain, dust, glare & insects.

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Energy efficiency

Save Money On Bills. Roller Shutters effectively shield from direct sunlight saving you costs on cooling your home.

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Shut Out Street Noise

Seperate yourself from the noise and the clutter of the outside world; less noise, less stress and more peace.

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Residential Shutters Installation

Rely on expert professionals to install roller shutters to your home. Roller Smart’s installers are fully qualified and insured electricians. Our team are experienced in installations of all sizes, and will ensure your job is completed on time and on budget. All our work comes with a warranty for service and our satisfaction guarantee.

You invest so much time and money into your home every year so it makes sense that when you are away from it you often have to think twice about whether you secured the doors and windows. Even those that live in relatively crime-free areas know the feeling and while traditional alarm systems are effective to a point, the real deal when it comes to locking down your home is security shutters. Residential premises can avail of such a simple and effective solution that will not only add a new aesthetic dimension to the house but will bring a level of peace of mind previously unattainable.

Here at Roller Smart Shutters, we manufacture, supply and install shutters that are made from 100% rust-free aluminium. Our professionals come fully insured and have years of experience, which ensures that all of our customers receive an exceptional product and an installation service that will exceed expectations. Our team believe in giving each customer what he or she needs for their home so we will tailor our solutions based on what you have in mind.

Roller Shutter Installation


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