How Our WiFi Operated Roller Shutters are a Breakthrough in Modern Security Technology

motorised roller shutters

Roller shutters have long been one of the primary defences against burglary of residential and commercial premises. Easy to operate, and yet difficult to breach without detection, the roller shutter is a formidable barrier for an intruder to contend with.

Roller shutters can be used to protect doors, windows, garages, and warehouses. They work by creating a solid metal barrier that covers the entire opening. They should not be confused with an ordinary “roll-a-door”, because they’re much stronger and they’re designed to provide a high level of security.

The remote control roller shutter

A big step forward in roller shutter technology was the development of remote control operation, which allowed authorised persons to access the protected area more easily and safely. The major advantages remote control operation introduced were:

  • Convenience – you do not need to exit your vehicle in order to operate the roller shutter. This would be especially an asset when it is raining.
  • Safety – by not needing to exit the vehicle to operate the roller shutter, a driver and passengers are not vulnerable to attack by lurkers.

Roller shutters operated in this way could either be operated by the driver of the vehicle or by security personnel. The flaw in the original design, however, is that traditional roller shutter remote control signals can be hijacked and also blocked.

Blocking a remote control signal will render it ineffective, allowing more time for a potential attacker to initiate an attack against a target vehicle before it has the opportunity to find shelter inside a building or flee.

Hijacking a remote control signal allows an intruder to duplicate the signal code and then use it at any time to access the protected area, thus making it no longer protected.

Rollersmart has the answer

Now we have taken this technology to a higher level, allowing your roller shutters to be operated via an internet connection.

This method means the signal is much more difficult to block due to the way WiFi works and is virtually impossible to hijack because the code sequence is protected by powerful encryption.

A traditional remote control beams a single signal bearing the code sequence in a straight line between the vehicle and the remote control signal receiver. WiFi control does not work like this. WiFi signals are assembled from multiple fragments that bounce around off any available surface.

Besides that, the system does not rely on line-of-sight operation anyway. Attempting to block the signal directly will not work.

You can operate your roller shutter using your phone, which can give the impression that it works like a traditional remote control, but it’s more complex than that.

What happens, in reality, is that instead of sending the access code sequence directly from the phone to the receiver, it is transmitted from your phone to your ISP server, and then relayed across the Internet to your WiFi router, and only then is it sent to the receiver controlling the roller shutter.

During this whole journey, the access code remains encrypted, and can’t be simply hijacked. Even if somebody did manage to intercept the signal, it is very unlikely that they would understand the purpose of it, or where it was intended to be used.

As a result, you have total convenience and security. Another way this technology can enhance security (especially if combined with other methods of a similar nature) is to allow you to create an impression of a building being occupied, even if there is nobody present, by remotely operating the roller shutter at random times of your choosing from anywhere you can access the Internet.

Available now in Australia from Rollersmart

This convenient and secure technology can be yours by ordering your roller shutters from Rollersmart. We don’t charge any extra fee for providing you with the technology; it is absolutely free for all our customers. There is no better way to help protect your home or business, so take advantage of this special offer by using our contact form to get in touch.

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