Roller Shutters – Are They Worth It? The Pros And Cons Of Getting Roller Shutters

motorised roller shutters

Roller shutters are fast becoming a favourite amongst homeowners as well as commercial property owners. They are rising in popularity, largely because of all of their benefits. But what exactly are the benefits of roller shutters? Are they worth the hype? And do they have any downsides?

We know you want to make an informed decision when it comes to your property. So, read on to learn about the pros and cons of roller shutters and whether they are worth getting. 

Installing Roller Shutters – The Pros

Protection from Intruders

Most intruders will enter your house through a window or a door. Roller shutters, which can be fitted onto windows or doors, provide excellent protection from intruders.

First, they prevent intruders from peeking into your house or building to see any valuables lying around. They also can’t see if anyone is in the building or not.

Second, they provide an effective barrier between the intruder and the inside of your property. Roller shutters are made from durable materials, usually aluminium. They are difficult to penetrate and discourage intruders from trying to access your home or building. Intruders will choose to rather approach properties without roller shutters.

As long as you lock your roller shutters properly, you should have nothing to worry about when it comes to intruders.

Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions

The strength and durability of roller shutters mean that they are not only effective at keeping out intruders. Roller shutters will also protect you from harsh weather conditions. They can withstand strong rain, storms, hailstorms and wind.

Roller shutters also provide a protective shield against strong sun rays. Think about what the sun does to our skin and all that we do to protect it. The sun can also cause damage to the interior of your property.  From furniture and carpets to wooden floors, harsh rays can cause a bleaching effect, which will affect the longevity of your items.

Noise Reduction

Roller shutters are great noise absorbers. They will decrease the amount of sound that enters and exits your property. This will give you additional privacy, which is important for homeowners. 

It is especially valuable if you live near a busy road, work from home or often experience loud noises. By blocking out noises, your home environment becomes more peaceful, making it easier to relax, sleep and work.

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Energy Saving

Windows are a very bad insulator. No matter how good the insulation around the rest of your property is, heat will pass through your windows. This means that many people rack up high electricity bills for heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

If you have roller shutters on your window, however, less heat will pass through them. This is because roller shutters are great insulators. They help keep extreme heat and cold from penetrating your doors and windows.

So, roller shutters will keep your house or workspace cool in summer and warm in winter. You no longer have to use heaters and air conditioners as much and can cut down on your electricity bills.

The Cons


Roller shutters have horizontal slats, which make them quite difficult to clean. If your roller shutters are not very dirty, you can just spray them down with some water. 

But, if your roller shutters have accumulated quite a lot of dust and dirt, this might not be enough. You would have to find a good cleaning material and wipe the roller shutters down. Because roller shutters have horizontal slats, this would involve wiping each individual slat down.

Operating Issues

When you are choosing roller shutters, you will have to decide between manual and automatic roller shutters. Both of these have some downsides when it comes to their operations.

Manual roller shutters have to be opened and closed by hand. This can be cumbersome and tiring. Additionally, they can be quite time-consuming which can be an irritation if you are in a hurry. People with limited mobility or many manual shutters might struggle with these operating issues.

Automatic roller shutters, on the other hand, are easier to operate as they open and close at the click of a button. However, because they are electric, they need electricity to function. Additionally, because they are more intricate and complicated, they require maintenance more regularly.

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Final Thoughts: Are They Worth Getting?

Like almost anything in life, roller shutters do have some downsides. However, the pros of roller shutters far outweigh their cons. 

While they require cleaning and have some operational requirements, roller shutters provide effective protection against intruders and harsh weather conditions. They also reduce noise transmission and energy consumption. 

Because of the pros, most property owners will find roller shutters to be a rewarding investment and great addition to their homes or commercial spaces.

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