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Professional Team, Family Owned Business & No Hidden Fees

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is more secure, and take in the blissful quiet that comes from having high-quality, modern shutters installed at your home. Roller Smart Roller Shutters offers expertise in recommending the right product to suit your home, your style, and your budget.

Our security roller shutters offer safety, energy efficiency, and noise-blocking features, and we supply only the highest quality manufactured shutters and motors. If you are considering our product for your home, we’d love to take a look and help you make the right decision that you will enjoy for years to come.

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Why Choose Roller Smart Shutters?

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Save Money On Bills

Effectively shield from direct sunlight saving you money on AC cooling your home.

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Feel Safer In Your Own Home

Roller Smart Roller Shutters are manufactured to be the strongest, safest, and best quality roller shutters Perth has to offer.

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Shut Out Street Noise

Separate yourself from the noise and the clutter of the outside world; less noise, less stress and more peace.

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Interest-Free Finance

Roller Smart Roller Shutters are Reasonably Priced and are an Excellent Investment

Enhance your home with the new Roller Smart Roller Shutters even sooner with our interest-free. Finance options are available with Brighte Finance. We want you to enjoy your new Roller Smart Roller Shutters and be stress-free, so we will ensure you receive the best deal on roller shutter finance.

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You can control Your shutters with your mobile phone

Good Quality Products, Exceptional Service & Affordable Prices

Roller Smart have taken operating your home to a whole new level. Now you can control your shutters using your mobile phone – all you need is wifi and our exclusive app. Once you are set up with the app, everyone in the family can access the shutters, meaning you can lower or lift them without really lifting a finger!

7 reasons to do business with Roller Smart Roller Shutters

We are professionals and guarantee that all our shutter installation jobs are insured and delivered in a timely manner. They come with a smart guarantee. Just as you expect your shutters to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we strive to deliver quality service all year round and will always try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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No High Pressure Sales Tricks
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Australian Made
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Qualified Tradesman
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Marine Grade Aluminum
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Mobile Phone Controlled
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Best Rated Customer Service
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Interest Free Payment Plans


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New Roller Smart Roller Shutter Products, Competitive Prices & Block Out External Noise

Our product suits many applications, including doors and windows and is used for security purposes. We offer shutters that help protect doors and windows of both business or home.

We offer cyclone shutters manufactured with double-skinned extruded aluminium slats and are made for situations where a higher level of risk is present or more robust security is required.


Reduce The Risk Of Break-Ins, Custom Made & Great Service

You always want the best for your home, regardless of whether you are re-designing or simply making a few additions to add that extra bit of marketability to it. Achieving a look for your home is one thing, but truly adding value is quite something else. When it comes to installing our product in your home, aluminium shutters are the smart choice.

We deliver the best aluminium shutters in the business to home and business owners in WA. For over 10 years our team has worked in the production, installation, and repair of aluminium shutters, which makes us the go-to guys when you need a solution for your home. What separates us from our competitors is the fact that all of our installed shutters are made from marine-grade aluminium and can be installed for manual use, or with electric and remote capabilities.

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Given aluminium’s widely known durability and rust-resistant properties, this makes our product far superior to those that are crafted from wood, for example, which could become infected and rot. We believe that if you talk the talk, you must walk the walk, and so, such is our confidence in the solutions we bring to the market, that we provide all of our customers with a high-quality service that covers the roller shutters and motors.

You always want the best for your home, regardless of whether you are re-designing or simply making a few additions to add that extra bit of marketability to it. Achieving a look for your home is one thing, but truly adding value is quite something else. When it comes to installing shutters in your home, commercial roller shutters Perth is the smart choice.

When Ordinary Isn’t Enough

Perth Roller shutters have become more and more popular over the past few years for a number of reasons. The long-term cost savings they bring come in the form of protection for your home as well as energy efficiencies. They are incredibly robust in the face of the harshest of conditions, be that the intense summer sun, or during stormy seasons and are the perfect way to protect your furniture from premature fading.

One of the key reasons our customers want what we supply is due to the excellent sense of security that they deliver once installed. Why worry about the possibility of people looking into your home while you are away when a simple push of the button as you drive off will secure your property and personal possessions until you arrive back?

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Roll Into A More Secure Future

We believe in delivering a quality service all year round. We don’t think there’s any need to push for a higher price either, the right solution for your premises is what we want to deliver, no more, no less. What’s more, we think that getting the job done right and in the fastest possible time is important. We will always aim to get your home secure as fast as possible. 


Whilst many of our products may previously have been raised and lowered by hand; most are now electrically operated. That’s partly because technology has moved on, creating more and cheaper options, but also because there are numerous other advantages for electric shutters.

In some cases, the electric operation is a necessity. That generally applies to large shutters that are too heavy to operate manually or where access is difficult due to the location. In all instances, however, a good case can usually be made for electric roller shutters rather than those that are opened and closed manually.

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Feel Safe and Secure

The operation of electric shutters can be as simple or as complex as you want or need it to be. The simplest form is a single shutter that is raised and lowered by a wall-mounted button or switch that is encased in a lockable steel box to prevent tampering. In other cases, you may have several that are controlled from a central point, possibly by devices such as mobile phones or tablet computers.

Proudly Supplying and Installing in WA for:

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