How To Maintain And Clean Your Roller Shutters Like A Professional

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Owners of roller shutters, whether they’re for a commercial building or residential dwelling, enjoy the perks of additional security and weather protection. Without a doubt, like any investment, though, they should be taken care of on a regular basis. If you’ve never thought to, or never thought you needed to maintain and clean your roller shutters before, don’t stress, we can help you with a few handy tips!

By keeping them in excellent operational condition, and cleaning and maintaining your roller shutters frequently you can do your part to extend the life cycle of the installation.

Here are some helpful tidbits of advice to help you maintain and clean your roller shutters like a pro.

Regular inspections

It may seem obvious but when was the last time you really took a close look at your roller shutters? We recommend that you remain on the lookout for any damage or simple wear and tear. Scrutinise for cracks and dents as it’s much easier to remedy a small problem than wait until you have a serious issue to contend with. Whereas dents left unchecked could, over time, affect the mechanical aspect of the installation which, again, can lead to bigger problems if left unattended.

Be sure to inspect your roller shutters regularly so that you can maintain and clean them efficiently. If it helps, and if you remember to do it, take some photos at least once a month to track the condition of the equipment. This can also help you set up a regular inspection routine.

Wash, rinse, repeat

Exterior surfaces are known to get dirty over time. Look outside and you’ll notice neglected walls might be covered in gritty dust, with grime building up in corners, crevices, and ledges. rainfall can leave streaks behind, too. Presentation should be a priority for both homeowners and businesses, which is why there is no exception when it comes to maintaining and cleaning rollers shutters. We recommend cleaning regularly.

Common sense should prevail, use a soft cloth or sponge – anything too coarse will likely scratch the paint away which is not ideal. And do not forget about a bucket of water. You can use clean water and for grimier surfaces use a soft brush. Do not forget to change the water regularly. Again, common sense.

Mechanical check

To maintain and clean your roller shutters effectively you should also check the tracks and guides for any debris or obstructions that might affect the smooth operation of the installation. If you find something that cannot be removed easily by hand try a soft-head broom or vacuum cleaner instead, ideally while the shutter is open and in a non-operational position.

Motorised shutters via Roller Smart shutters are generally covered by a five-year warranty. Note: the shutters, track, pelmet and slats are made of aluminium components and have a 10-year warranty. Although. Any tampered, obstructed occurrences or trade services performed by anyone other than Roller Smart Shutters may void the warranty.

Also, Wi-FI hubs, electric switches, remote controls, manual winders and straps have a one-year warranty. As with all battery-powered devices, batteries will require replacing and can be done by yourself.

Report issues

Unfortunately, there are situations that even you may not be able to solve. And that is ok. Identifying a problem is the first step to rectifying it. Serious damage or operational issues with a roller shutter should probably be dealt with by a professional whether it is the original installer under warranty or another recommended or qualified party. 

If what you discover seems too difficult to fix on your own it is perfectly reasonable to call for professional assistance. Do not take risks and reach out for help.

Maintain and clean your roller shutters with confidence

Are you more comfortable with taking care of your roller shutter investment? Our guide is fairly simple to follow. Remember to inspect regularly, wash and rinse those roller shutters, ensure nothing is obstructing the tracks and guides and of course raise critical issues with the manufacturer or retailer for professional assistance.

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