Why Roller Shutters Are Highly Popular These Days

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There’s no doubt that roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular in Perth and it’s not hard to see why. There are many benefits to installing roller shutters that go far beyond home security and include weather protection, energy efficiency and aesthetics. These are just some of the advantages that are making smart roller shutters the number one durable window solution for all homes and businesses. Here are some of the reasons why roller shutters are so highly popular these days.

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Of course, roller shutters have always been popular because of the security they provide, giving your home that extra level of protection. They offer a cost-effective solution to deter theft and provide peace of mind for the safety-conscious homeowner. This has always been the main reason for the popularity of quality roller shutters however, there are now many other reasons people are deciding to install outdoor roller shutters.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

With more emphasis these days on protecting the environment and creating a sustainable home, many people are turning to roller shutters because of their energy efficiency benefits. People are now looking for easier ways to cut bills and promote a healthier environment, and investing in roller shutters is a good way to combine the two. Electric roller shutters are designed to insulate your home making it far cheaper and easier to regulate the indoor temperature. Roller shutters actually protect against 90% of heat and 70% of cold, making them much easier on both the environment and your wallet.

Privacy and Noise Reduction

Privacy in your own house has always been important to home owners and roller shutters have become a popular way to ensure noisy neighbours or loud traffic can’t be heard. The vast majority of outside noises travel through windows but by installing electric roller shutters noise levels can be reduced by up to 80%. They also have the added bonus of blocking out the noise going both ways, meaning that late-night parties won’t disturb the neighbours.

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Probably one of the more surprising reasons why roller shutters are highly popular now is simply because of the aesthetics. Exterior shutters come in a variety of materials, colours and styles that suit all property types and can complement your home in many ways. They offer a versatile aesthetic that is modern, neat and appealing and therefore people are opting to install roller shutters simply for their unique look.

It’s clear that the diverse range of benefits that roller shutters offer is why they are so popular. Gone are the days when roller shutters were only installed for their security advantages, nowadays, homes and businesses are using them for many reasons. Contact our team of highly experienced and friendly fitters at Roller Smart Shutters to help you decide on which roller shutters best suit your needs and budget.

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