The Benefits of Roller Shutters for All Homes in Australia

weather-resistant roller shutters

Roller shutters are an accessible upgrade to your home or rental property. Any improvement should enhance the quality of living, add aesthetic appeal or increase the value of the property. Roller shutters on doors or windows achieve these and more. Here are 6 reasons why roller shutters are a beneficial investment.

Roller Shutters Provide Additional Security

This is the most common reason that people consider roller shutters and in the case of homeowners, it is the thought of burglary that drives them. The rate of burglaries in Australia is not high – 2.4 per cent of households per year but there are no guarantees that your property will not ever be one that is targeted. Burglars will always go for properties with the easiest access so, at the very least, roller shutters will act as an effective deterrent. 

They also offer peace of mind if your home or rental property is unoccupied for weeks at a time. If you travel a lot or your rental property is a holiday home that gets locked up for the closed season, roller shutters offer a deterrent as much as protection.

Roller Shutters Provide Weather Protection

Australia has been feeling the effects of climate change with more extreme weather occurring more often. The country is becoming hotter and there are more extreme events including heatwaves, droughts, and floods.

As well as assisting in temperature control, roller shutters offer protection against the weather. Strong shutters can help protect glass doors and windows from strong winds as well as extremely heavy rainfall and hailstones. 

Roller Shutters Provide Noise Reduction

One of the lesser reasons to install roller shutters is that they have the benefit of reducing outside noise. Roller Shutters can reduce noise from outside entering into the property and vice versa. This makes them a good choice for properties on busy thoroughfares and also provides an element of soundproofing to avoid annoying the neighbours. 

Roller Shutters Provide Light Control and Privacy

Roller Shutters can reduce the light entering your home significantly, along with increasing the privacy of your property.

Roller Shutters Can Provide Protection against Bushfires

We provide bushfire-protected shutters, please contact your local council for specifications. One of the consequences of climate change in Australia is an increase in the frequency and intensity of bushfires. If your home or rental property is in an area prone to bushfires, special shutters are available. Roller shutters intended for use as barriers to bushfires have to have the relevant BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) ratings. 

Roller Shutters Add Aesthetic Appeal

As well as the benefits of roller shutters outlined above, they also enhance the look and appeal of a property. Although designed for functionality, they are available in a wide range of colours. 

Part of their beauty is the ease of use. As more homes look for smart tech, more roller shutters are available with motorisation. This enables you to control the shutter by remote control and by upgrading to Smart Shutters you can control your roller shutters from your mobile phone wherever you may be.

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