Electric Security Shutters


Whilst many security shutters may previously have been raised and lowered by hand; most are now electrically operated. That’s partly because technology has moved on, creating variants and cheaper options. The adoption of electric security shutters is also influenced by there numerous advantages such as temperature control, security, user-friendly operation and cost. All these factors are encouraging people in Perth to invest in their very own electric security shutters. Get your shutters installed today by contacting our team at Roller Smart.

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Electric Security Shutters - Automating your Shutter Operation

In some cases, electric operation is a necessity. That generally applies to large security shutters that are too heavy to operate manually or where access is difficult due to the location of the shutters. In all instances, however, a good case can usually be made for electric roller shutters rather than those that are opened and closed manually.

7 reasons to invest in electric security shutters

We are professionals and guarantee that all our shutter installation jobs are insured and delivered in a timely manner. They come with a smart guarantee. Just as you expect your shutters to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we strive to deliver quality service all year round and will always try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Why Electric Security Shutters from Perth are Worth the Investment

The main benefit of operating security shutters electronically is, quite simply, convenience. Rather than having to drag the shutters up and down by hand, it’s much easier to press a button or switch to raise or lower the shutter. That’s especially true if you have several shutters since opening and closing them manually can be a tedious process. So much so, in fact, that the task may not always be completed properly and property is not as secure as it should be.

Electric security shutters are much easier to operate than their manual counterparts, especially for large and heavy shutters. And the improvements in technology have meant that the electric motors are now much cheaper, more versatile and more powerful than previously. They’re also not that demanding, having a relatively small power need and connection to the supply by a simple plug.

Electric window security shutters can be supplied as a complete package, or existing manual shutters can be upgraded to electric operation by the addition of a motor and control equipment. Either way, the finished installation will be custom made to fit your exact needs rather than being an off-the-shelf product that may not be wholly suitable.

Feel Safe and Secure with Electric Security Shutters

The operation of electric security shutters can be as simple or as complex as you want or need it to be. The simplest form is a single shutter that is raised and lowered by a wall mounted button or switch that is encased in a lockable steel box to prevent tampering. In other cases, you may have several shutters that are controlled from a central point, possibly by devices such as mobile phones or tablet computers.

Especially when operating remotely, safety features will need to be built into the design. These may include audible or visual warnings before the shutters start to move or may require the operator being able to monitor the opening or closing to ensure no accidents occur. It’s also possible to install sensors so that any obstructions are detected and the operation is halted until they’re removed.

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Manual Overrides

The shutter will stop automatically when it reaches a pre-set limit. Manual overrides may also be provided to prevent accidents and manual winding or battery back-up systems will allow operation in the event of a power failure or system fault.

The aim is to provide future-proofed systems that work in a reliable, safe and secure manner. That’s in line with our overall philosophy, which is to supply the very best products and service for all our customers.

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