Benefits of WiFi-Controlled Roller Shutters in Your Home

roller shutters for noise reduction

Everyone has at least one smart appliance in their home, whether it’s a smart speaker, a smartphone, or even a smart coffee machine. So, at Roller Smart, we offer WiFi-controlled roller shutters to control when you’re out and about, or simply don’t want to get out of bed!

How do Wi-Fi-controlled roller shutters work?

Remote-controlled roller shutters have been around for decades. However, you have to be right in front of the shutter when you control it and in some cases, the signals can be blocked or hijacked.

Roller Smart has taken this to a new level. By controlling your roller shutters via WiFi, you can connect to the shutters using your phone from anywhere you have internet. Due to the way WiFi works, the signals cannot be blocked and is almost impossible to hijack. This is because the code used is so encrypted; even the best hackers couldn’t crack it.

All you need is your phone. Using our free app, you can control everything. All you have to do is set up an account, connect it to the shutters and you’re ready to go. With your account, the whole family can sign into the app on their own devices and control the shutters separately.

What can they do?

If you’ve got noisy neighbours while you’re trying to sleep, you can shut them out from the comfort of your bed. The rollers can block out noise by reflecting the sound waves, stopping them with the thick material.

They’re made from only the highest quality materials, which means they’re strong and can protect you from all weathers Australia might throw at you. If you’ve left the house and hail, rain, or even a storm starts, you can close your shutters to keep your home protected from nature.

Roller shutters are a great way to control the climate – they can help keep it hot in the winter and cold in the summer similarly to blocking out noise: by reflecting light rather than absorbing it. By using our WiFi-controlled roller shutters, no matter how far away you are, you can make sure your home is nice and cosy and ready for you to come home to.

If you’re away, you might want to make it look like there’s someone home. You can either control this using the app, or you can even set it on a timer to come up and down at a set time if you have a daily routine. Even if you want them to stay shut, roller shutters are a great way to keep your house secure to make sure no one can get in.

This is especially helpful if you’re a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) worker if you’re in and out all the time. As well as opening and closing the shutters, you can adjust the slats which can let in more light and look like there’s someone there all the time, adjusting to the weather and lighting conditions.

Why you need to buy your shutters from Roller Smart

We’ve been in the shutter business for over 10 years now, so we know how important high-quality materials are to high-quality products. All our roller shutters are made from aluminium with polyurethane-filled slats, so they are strong and sturdy, making sure they last as long as you need. We’re confident in our shutters and the high-quality service that we provide.

We want you to be happy with your roller shutters, so we’ll work with you to choose the design and size you need, and we’ll be by your side the whole way through. So, contact us today to get your WiFi-controlled roller shutters bought and installed exactly how you like them.

To begin the process get in contact today!

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