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Rivervale is an area of Perth relatively close to the city centre. While it is a pleasant place to live, it does have a reputation for crime, so property protection is a priority for many residents. 

Here, roller shutters offer a compelling solution. These sturdy home additions create a strong barrier between your windows and the outside world, protecting you against break-ins and would-be thieves. 

The way roller shutters work is incredibly simple. Installers fit the units to the walls around your windows, covering them completely. They then add smart functionality, letting you use a tablet or smartphone app to control them via WiFi. 

What’s more, because they are “smart,” you can open and close them from any location, whether you’re in your house, out with friends or at the office. This means that if you forget to close your shutters when you leave for work in the morning, you can do it remotely later.

How Roller Shutters Can Benefit Rivervale Residents

Rivervale is a high-crime area. Statistics reveal that burglaries are around four to five times the average rate in Western Australia. Thus, the need to defend property is high in this location. 

Roller Shutters are popular throughout Perth for many reasons. These include helping residents save money on bills, protecting property against the elements and reducing energy costs. 

However, their main function is security. Roller shutters are made of high-grade steel that makes penetration almost impossible. They are ideal for homeowners who want to travel for work or go on vacation but don’t want to leave their properties unattended. Because of this, they offer peace of mind that’s hard to get with regular security systems. 

Rivervale residents can benefit from roller shutters for another reason too: the fact that they block out light. Rivervale is close to the centre of Perth which can throw off a lot of light pollution. However, because roller shutters are made of solid metal, they can block incoming light during the day and night, helping homeowners get more rest. They are particularly helpful for shift workers who need sleep during the day. 

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About Rivervale

Rivervale is one of the oldest suburbs in Perth, sitting just five kilometres from the center of town to the east across the Swan River. The area was known as Barndon Hill until 1884, named after Richard Barndon who ran a local inn called the Brewers Arms.

The term “Rivervale” was first used as the name for the nearby railway station on the Perth-Armadale line. It only became the official name of the suburb in 1924. 

The majority of people who live in Rivervale rent their properties. Only 27 percent are full owners, with the rest living as tenants. Residents typically work in the trades or in production and transport. However, the region is also home to intermediate clerical workers, associate professionals and young professionals. 

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