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4 Benefits Of Installing Outdoor Blinds for Your Home

Investing in outdoor blinds can affect much more than just the amount of sunlight coming into your outdoor area. They can create a multifunctional indoor-outdoor space that can be used year round, as well as providing a number of other benefits. Through discussions with our happy clients, we’ve narrowed down the benefits to these top four.

1: Keeping Insects and Leaf Debris Out

Outdoor blinds can provide a barrier for annoyances like insects and debris – it’s the #1 reason people buy them, after all. Insects such as flies and mosquitoes can very quickly shut down an outdoor gathering whether it’s day or night, but enclosing the area will stop any hasty departures by you or your guests.

By keeping debris out, it also means that your time spent cleaning the area (sweeping, dusting and removing unwanted objects that have blown in) will be greatly reduced.

2: Keeping the Weather Out

Outdoor blinds create a barrier between your outdoor entertaining area and the elements. Outdoor blinds can effectively keep out wind, rain, and dust out, as well as reducing the intensity of sunlight if you opt for the Sunscreen Mesh. It is estimated that having blinds on the exterior of your house can block up to 99% of heat and UV rays. This not only keeps your outdoor area cooler on hot days, it will save you on air conditioning costs by up to 75% as the rest of your house benefits from the shade.

3: Keeping the Warmth In

Just as outdoor blinds can keep the heat out, they can also keep it in. By enclosing your outdoor space, heat from gas space heaters will be more effective as it will be concentrated in the area. This means that your outdoor area will become useable even in the cold winter months.

4: Drying Washing Outdoors in Bad Weather Conditions

This is especially useful for anyone that doesn’t have a clothes dryer, as well as creating a much more environmentally-friendly alternative. Outdoor blinds give you the option to dry your washing without worrying about it getting wet again if it starts raining, or flying away in the wind. The average medium-sized household dryer, run for 45 minutes a day, can cost up to $113.48 over the course of a year. This is money easily saved if you have a protected space to dry your washing in!

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6 Proven Reasons why People Prefer Ziptrak Blinds over Other Blinds

Despite being the new kid on the outdoor furnishing block, Ziptrak blinds are fast becoming the preferred option for a lot of consumers. How? It’s all in the product experience. Ziptrak blinds are preferred, among other reasons, because they are:


Ziptrak blinds are made from a plastic-based material, meaning they won’t rust – a common problem with steel outdoor blinds. This gives them a much longer lifespan, as they will hold their structural integrity. In Perth, the salty ocean air can mean a faster rusting time than other locations, making the rustproof nature of Ziptrak even more attractive to buyers.

User Friendly

The Ziptrak blinds have the simplest operating system of any outdoor furnishing – simply pull the blind up or down to any height along the track by hand. There are no cranks or locks, and virtually no moving parts that could break through misuse.


The ease of use of Ziptrak blinds means that they can be wound up or down much faster than other types of blinds. This saves lots of time in the long run, as you don’t have to wind a crank with a crank pole.


The materials used in Ziptrak blinds give them self-extinguishing properties. This means that even if they were to catch fire, the flames will not spread past the initial point of contact. As a result, Ziptrak blinds are much safer than traditional outdoor blinds, as it prevents fire potentially spreading to other areas of the house.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The design of Ziptrak blinds is extremely minimal, meaning there are no big locks or handles. As well as this, they stick out much less distance from the wall than other types of blinds (only 50mm), as the track is embedded into the frame. This creates more space and keeps your outdoor area feeling more open, as there isn’t a metal housing for your blinds sticking out up to 120mm.

Able to sit at any Height

Ziptrak blinds are locked in place, and can be left at any height – giving you full control over the amount of exposure to the elements. Whether you want full enclosure, or to leave them open at the bottom to let the breeze in, you can be sure that the Ziptrak blinds will not suddenly snap up or fall down in their tracks.

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6 Biggest Fears Homeowners Have When Choosing Roller Blinds

You’re bound to have some doubts about a big home purchase like Outdoor blinds. This is normal – It’s your money being spent, and you want to get the best results possible.  The way to settle your doibts is to address your concerns from the outset. To help with this, we have put together the 6 most common fears that hold people in a state of terror and inaction when choosing  Outdoor blinds.

Bad Customer Service

A bad customer experience can be anything from the tradesman arriving late to a badly installed blind. It can also extend to a lack of communication and information regarding the product and it’s installation.

Non-user Friendly Products

Some blinds and outdoor furnishings can end up making life more difficult – if they are too complex or annoying to wind up and down, for example. Often this problem doesn’t arise until after installation, making it a bigger purchase risk in the eyes of a shopper.

Low Quality Blinds that Break Easily

Often when a deal seems too good to be true, it is. This is especially true when it comes to blinds. Low-quality blinds are far more likely to break down, with problems like broken pull cables and cranks or even tears in the blind itself.

Big Poles or other Obstructions

Some styles of outdoor furnishings require additional supports, which can create obstructions in your outdoor area and decrease the aesthetic value. The whole point of an outdoor blind is to be there when you need it, and out of sight when you don’t.

No Warranty on Components

A common issue when it comes to outdoor blinds is the lack of warranty. While the product as a whole may come with a warranty, there may be no guarantee that this cover individual components, which can be costly in the event of breakages.
This is a common fear and reality for more people than you think, and usually comes from working with sales cowboys.

Paying too Much for their Blinds

Outdoor blinds can very quickly turn into an expensive exercise if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There are a number of price points if you’re looking at installing blinds, and it takes a little bit of research to make sure you’re not getting taken to the cleaners.

The Roller Smart Difference

Now that these concerns are out in the open, we can start to put them to bed.  RollerSmart guarantees good customer service – give us a call and we’ll prove it.  Our ZipTrak blinds are at the cutting edge of usability; we offer a warranty on our services; our manufacturer offers a warranty on the blinds; and the simple design of Ziptrak blinds means they’re unobtrusive and durable.

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Common Misconceptions About Between Ziptrak and Other Outdoor Alternatives

Misconceptions generally come from a lack of information provided about a product. This is especially true with newer products. At Roller Smart we believe in full transparency, and we have busted the myths around outdoor furnishings so you don’t have to.

1. Steel is better than Plastic


Steel is typically considered much stronger than plastic, but the development of plastics over the years means that this is no longer true. The plastics used in Ziptrak locking Latches are high-quality and extremely durable, and unlike steel are completely rustproof. Most of the Frame is made from a high grade Aluminium Coastal areas are especially susceptible to rust, with plastic being the better option up against the salty sea air.

2. Cheap Blinds will do the Trick


While it’s true that cheaper blinds have a lot of the same benefits as zip track blinds in terms of weather protection, when it comes to blinds you tend to get what you pay for. Cheap blinds are made from lower quality materials, and are much more likely to break down or rust. Common points of weakness in cheaper blinds can include the crank handles, the material, or even the rope and pulley system.

3. Crank Handle is better than Zip Trak


The alternative to the zip track style of blind is the crank handle, where you wind the blinds up and down by turning a crank. Cranks have been around for years, and have gained a reputation as the best option. However, there are a number of ways that zip track blinds are superior, including:

  • Zip Trak blinds are much faster and easier to move up and down – simply pull the blind whichever direction you want to move it. Crank handles can take up to a minute per blind to move up or down.
  • Crank handles are at a higher risk of breakages than zip track as there are more moving parts.
  • The crank style of blind needs a crank stick to reach the crank component, which then needs to be stored somewhere easy to reach – this can not only be cumbersome, but could also create a tripping hazard.

4. Blinds are not Durable Against High Winds


This is one of the more prevalent misconceptions about zip track blinds. While many outdoor blinds will flap or rattle in the wind, the patented design behind zip track blinds means the blind is firmly secured in place, even in high winds.

The material of the blinds will not impact it’s wind resisting properties, as the edges of the blind are heat welded to the sides, creating a seal – meaning you don’t have to worry about your blinds flapping everywhere.

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4,680 Ways Ziptrak Can Help You Get More Out Of Your Week

If you could find small, easy ways to create more time in your busy schedule, you’d  do it, right? Ziptrak blinds are that easy solution. Not only will you get a blind superior to traditional types of blinds, you’ll save time and effort in the years following installation.

Ziptrak blinds are incredibly time efficient compared to standard crank handle blinds. In the average house there are around three blinds in the outdoor area. In a test conducted by Ziptrak, the crank blinds took 1:45 to wind all three up. In comparison, the Ziptrak blinds took 15 seconds. That’s a time saving of 1.5 minutes each time you put the blinds up or down.

While this doesn’t seem significant in itself, consider how often you use the blinds. If you are moving 3 blinds up and down 3 times a week, it adds up to at least 9 minutes. That’s enough time to get any number of things done, from making a coffee for you and your guests, to hanging out another load of washing.

Over a year, it adds up to 468 minutes – that’s almost 8 hours. Take a second to think about what you can get done in 8 hours and Ziptrak blinds start looking like an even more attractive option.

Over a period of 10 years, this adds up to a massive 4,680 minutes (78 hours, or 3 whole days!) of your time saved – just from your choice of outdoor blind. For anyone looking to save time with minimal effort, the Ziptrak blind system is the perfect place to start.