Roller Shutters And Their Types Used These Days!

As we approach the New Year Roller Smart Roller Shutters has improved its services once again by offering quicker turn-around times and factory-direct prices. We have opened our new Factory in Balcatta, manufacturing Electric Roller Shutters, Remote Roller Shutters, Manual Roller Shutters and Commercial Roller Shutters for Installation Perth to Bunbury.

We continually strive to meet our Perth Roller Shutter customer needs and satisfaction and we are now bringing in a new flat slat for Roller Shutters that is slightly thicker than our Standard Curved Slats.

We must be aware that for the Month of November Perth Metropolitan district alone had 2335 Burglaries, by installing Perth Roller Shutters on your home windows your risk for burglary will drop dramatically.

Roller Shutters Perth are made out of aluminium making the strength of them a lot harder to get through than just glass.

Roller Smart Roller Shutters are now introducing our new 10-day Guarantee. This offer will be 10 days’ installation from the day the deposit is received or the Roller Shutters are FREE.

Our 10-day guarantee will make you feel more confident in knowing exactly when your Roller Shutters Perth will be installed.

When deciding whether to have Electric, Remote or Manual Roller Shutters use the following as some helpful information;

Electric Roller Shutters are Perth’s most popular choice as they are decently priced and come with a switch on the wall next to the Roller Shutter making it easier to switch it up and down, leave the slats vented or able full light block out.

Remote Roller Shutters are controlled by a remote, each Roller Shutter will have their own remote or you are able to have all Shutters on a Multi-Channel Remote.

Manual Roller Shutters Perth are very affordable but have a Winding box on the wall next to the Shutter that you need to manually wind up and down.

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