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Roller shutters create a physical barrier between your windows and the outside world. As such, they offer all kinds of benefits, from protecting your property against the elements to keeping intruders out. They’re also a great investment in themselves because they can help to increase the value of your property.

Who Can Benefit From Roller Shutters In Piara Waters?

Piara Waters is home to many different types of residents – families with children, fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workers and young couples (to name just a few). However, although each has different living arrangements, all of them can benefit from roller shutters. 

For instance, roller shutters give families peace of mind. Closing them at night deters burglars and provides additional protection along your home’s points of entry. Shutters also help lower energy bills by reflecting sunlight during hot weather, reducing air conditioning expenses.

Roller shutters benefit young couples too. They offer protection from the elements, helping to maintain the value of the property. And they can be opened and closed remotely, allowing owners to grant access remotely (helpful for letting the maid in). 

Roller shutters also provide specific benefits for FIFO workers. For instance, shutters dull street noise, making it easier to sleep at night (and recover from jet lag). Plus, because they are made of solid metal, they also block out far more daylight than regular curtains or blinds.

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About Piara Waters

Piara Waters is a suburb of Perth around 21 km to the southeast of the city. It gets its name from local activist and proponent of humanitarianism, Peter Henry.

Piara Waters is relatively new and only recently became a sizable residential area. Before 2006, it was mainly small farms. However, following changes in city zoning, developers received the go-ahead to convert it into residential lots. There are now over 10,000 individual residences in the area, with more planned for the future. 

Today, Piara Waters is mainly a region of pleasant suburban streets and residential housing. There are amenities for families and children, including the Robot Park, Newhaven Dog Park and outdoor pingpong tables. In 2012, authorities opened the Piara Waters primary school catering to students aged 4 to 12. 

On the eastern fringes of Piara Waters is the Piara Nature Reserve. Locals and visitors regularly go there for walks, with many buying properties around the edges to benefit from the great views. 

Piara Waters connects to the rest of Perth via the Armadale Road. After just a couple of kilometres, it joins the Kwinana Freeway which runs north to central Perth and south to the Karnet Nature Reserve and other areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

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