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Joondalup is a very popular area in Western Australia, home to a number of ex-pats and Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) workers. As such, due to the number of vacated properties at any one time, there are a lot of home break-ins. If you are living in the Joondalup area and you need to step up your security game, it’s important to remember that security doesn’t just end with a security system, but is about making sure that every part of your property is secure. This is where we come in.

Roller Shutters for Security, Safety, and a Sense of Calm

As there are approximately 77 burglaries every twelve months in the Joondalup area, so looking after your home should be priority number one. As a leading provider of roller shutters in the Joondalup area, we can provide the solution you need, complete with customer service that answers your questions, so you have peace of mind while protecting your property. You should not skimp the act of protecting your property, and this is where the best roller shutters in Perth will give you what you need. 

Why Should Joondalup Residents Have Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters do not just provide protection to the property, but they will also do the following:

Regulates the Home’s Temperature

It’s important during the winter and the summer months to have a comfortable home. Roller shutters can prevent heat from escaping during the winter months while ensuring the sunlight gets into your property during the summer. 

Protects from External Noise

Roller shutters are made from insulating polyurethane which will protect your property from external noise by up to 50%. 

Helps You Control Light Levels

You need to have a comfortable property, and having a roller shutter that can move according to your needs is essential to light the property properly. 

Protects from External Weather Conditions

With extreme weather conditions like hail, rainstorms, and wind more commonplace, your windows need proper protection. This is where roller shutters can be invaluable. 

Adequate Ventilation and Privacy

A comfortable home is also a fresh one that allows the owner privacy. Using our roller shutters, you can dictate how much ventilation your property needs, giving you peace of mind and privacy.

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Why Should You Choose Roller Smart Shutters? 

Roller Smart Shutters can help you meet every need for your property. We provide a comprehensive service so you get the roller shutters you deserve, which includes the following:

A Measure and Quote Free of Charge

We visit you at the premises, conduct all the relevant checks, and allow you to choose what you need. 

Professional and Proper Installation

Our local installers will integrate your roller shutters quickly and without fuss. 

Repairs and Maintenance

Additionally, we provide extra maintenance for any roller shutters, guaranteeing that you are not without proper protection for your home.

Ask for an Obligation-Free Quote Today

Any property in the Joondalup area deserves to be protected. It’s not enough to ensure that your property is locked up. If you are looking to protect your home while you are away, or you just need extra peace of mind in these difficult times, you can contact us on +61 438 036 900 for a free quote.


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