Want to take advantage of the outdoor areas at your home? Don’t let the weather prevent you from entertaining all year round. Our top quality Ziptrak outdoor blinds in Perth are a great way to bring comfort and style to your outdoor areas.

Outdoor blind Perth is the ultimate thing to consider, do you know why?

Protection from the elements

One of the best and most obvious benefits of outdoor blinds is their ability to keep unwanted weather out. Whether it’s heat waves in summer or storms in winter, patio and alfresco blinds are a great way to keep your outdoor entertaining areas climatically comfortable and protected.

They also offer additional climate control for your home. Ziptrak blinds help reduce the amount of heat that comes in during the warmer months, and keep the heat in during the cooler months. Be energy efficient and save money on your power bills by using patio or alfresco blinds to control temperature and airflow to your outdoor areas and to your home.

Keep pests at bay

Ziptrak outdoor blinds in Perth make an excellent insect repellent for your next evening of outdoor entertainment. Don’t let your guests get bugged by mosquitos, flies and midges, keep them out with protective Ziptrak blinds.

Extra space with a touch of class

By installing patio or alfresco blinds, you essentially expand the entertaining area of your house, creating more room and space. Whether you choose to use it for a dining area or a play area for the kids, creating space means more places to enjoy in your home, all year round.

Outdoor blinds in Perth also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, even potentially increasing the home’s value. With a range of colours to choose from, Roller Smart aims to deliver style as well as functionality with their outdoor blinds.

The best blinds

At Roller Smart, we refuse to compromise on quality, that’s why we use only the best Ziptrak outdoor blinds in our projects. Ziptrack blinds are the only blinds to pass our standards for quality with their robust design, innovative features and superior functionality.

So what type of blinds are you chasing? Shade blinds? Patio blinds? Alfresco blinds? Awnings? At Roller Smart we have a wide range of outdoor blinds to suit each individual need and budget. Contact us for a quote today.


  • Can be Electric or Manual

  • Are up to 5m in width

  • Come in a wide range of colours (mesh and colourbond!)

  • Don’t contain ropes, zips or pullies

  • Sit in any position – no dropping

  • Are suitable to be left down in winds up to 100km/h