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If you are looking for an extra layer of protection for your Mandurah home, look no further! Mandurah is a popular location for many holidaying families and as many people own a second home in this beautiful coastal town, a high number of vacant properties makes Mandurah a big target for criminals. The Mandurah district experienced 283 burglaries per year according to the 2011 Census. So if you have a holiday home, or you are a resident and feel like you need extra protection, it is now time to act. How can you do this? Having roller shutters can make a massive difference to your protection and your peace of mind.

Looking for Security Shutters for Your Mandurah Windows?

At Roller Smart Shutters we are a leading provider of roller shutters installation, maintenance, and repair. If you have questions, our friendly high-quality customer service will answer them and make sure you have your needs met, so we can protect your home to your standards. Our high security roller shutters will give you exactly what you need. 

What Else Can Rollers Shutters Do for My Property?

Protect Your Home from External Noise

Roller shutters are made with insulating polyurethane which can protect your property from external noises by up to approximately 50%. 

Help You Control Your Temperature and Insulate the Space 

If your home is too hot or too cold, roller shutters will insulate the property and make sure that it shields the property from external and excessively hot sunlight. 

Controls Light Levels

You want your home to be aesthetically pleasing, which means that you need to control the amount of sunlight that enters your property. Roller shutters are adjustable and can be open or closed to your desired levels so you have the right amount of light and shade. 

Protection from the Elements

There are so many extreme weather conditions including rain and hailstorms, roller shutters will protect your windows from any weather-related damage. 

Reduces Energy Costs

As the roller shutters are insulated, you can pocket up to 10% savings on your energy bills and can insulate the property by up to 45% better than previously. 

Privacy and Ventilation

If you want a comfortable home, you need to control the level of sunlight to set the ideal mood. Roller shutters help you do this easily and quickly. 

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Roller Shutter Services Providers You Can Trust

Roller Smart Shutters has a wide range of professional experience to guarantee your property has the necessary protection. As part of our comprehensive service, we offer the following:

A Free Measure and Quote

We visit your home, guaranteeing that you have all the information necessary to make the best purchase of roller shutters. 

Comprehensive Installation

Our local specialists will install your roller shutters efficiently and effectively to meet your needs. 

Roller Shutter Maintenance and Repair

If you ever need any additional maintenance for your roller shutters, we can provide this with no questions asked.

Request an Obligation-Free Quote Today

Mandurah is a wonderful seaside town that deserves to be preserved. With a rise in criminal activities, it’s important to send burglars the message that your home is off-limits! Get in contact with us on +61 438 036 900 and we can get to work on securing your property.

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