Shutters that suit many applications including doors and windows, and are used for security purposes are Security Roller shutters. We offer security Roller shutters that are helpful for protecting doors and windows of both business or home.

Secure your home with high-quality security roller shutters

Our exclusive range of Security Roller shutters come with a distinct security rating accreditation including SBD. Moreover, we also offer shutter manufactured with double skinned extruded aluminium slats and are made for situations where a higher level of risk is present or a more robust security is required.

The commercial and shop front Security Roller shutters have a choice of either scrolled steel slats or extruded aluminium slats. In fact, we offer scrolled steel slats Security Roller shutters that are solid or perforated while extruded aluminium slats Security Roller shutters are ‘punched’ for a see-through protection.

For clubs, retail outlets and schools, etc. the Bar Servery and Cabinet, our Security Roller shutters are considered as best.

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