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Roller shutters are a popular home improvement in the Byford area. That’s because many residents who live in the suburb frequently spend long periods away from their properties (either working or on vacation). Roller shutters provide security, peace of mind, add value to homes, and assist with keeping warm in the winter. 

Roller Shutters: Great For FIFO Workers And Young Families In Byford

Byford is a popular location for FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) workers. Many FIFO workers are away from their home for weeks at a time which means that they need home security enhancements that keep their properties safe.

Smart shutters offer a solution. They create a physical barrier over home entry points – windows and doors – making them much harder to breach. Furthermore, homeowners can control them from their smartphones using WiFi, allowing them to open and close them on the fly – great for letting the maid in. 

Byford also attracts young families because of spacious new-build properties. Families want shutters to save on energy bills, feel safer in their homes and protect them from the elements. In some Byford locations, they also use shutters to block street noise. 

Fitting custom roller shutters to modern properties is straightforward and provides extra security. Additional security prevents break-ins day and night and protects property while families are on vacation. 

Roller shutters are popular among Byford shift workers too. That’s because of their ability to block out sunlight, making it easier to sleep during the day. 

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About Byford

Byford is a small suburb on the south-easter side of Perth, some distance from the CBD. It was previously called “Beenup” based on the original Aboriginal word for the location, but was later designated the Byford township in the 1920s. 

Today, Byford is a popular Perth suburb, offering plenty of amenities for families and busy professions. There are a range of schools, shops, sporting facilities and more. 

It is also a beautiful location. Locals and visitors frequently visit the nearby Serpentine National park and waterfall, spending time in nature hiking and enjoying picnics. 

The fact that Byford is some 30 km from Perth works in its favour. It is far enough from the city to feel semi-rural, but also well connected to the inner metro area via the Tonkin Highway for commuting. Easy access to Perth Airport makes it ideal for FIFO workers. 

Byford continues to benefit from many developments and infrastructural upgrades. Upcoming and recent changes include the building of new schools, better cycling and pedestrian access, a new skate park and upgrades to the existing shopping facilities in Byford town centre. New businesses are also moving to the area regularly, and authorities plan a new station to make commuting to Perth more convenient. 

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