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Not only are our top quality blinds and roller shutters great for the home and outdoor areas, they’re great for business too. Cafés and restaurants may find their outdoor dining areas deserted during the sweltering summer months. The heat can be a bit too much for patrons to handle, which can see your business not filling capacity.

Café blinds are a great way to block out the heat and fill up those tables. Create a cool and enjoyable alfresco that patrons will love by choosing Roller Smart to install our top quality Zip Track outdoor blinds for your business.

Not only will you keep the weather out and the customers in, you’ll be utilising that extra valuable space outside your café or restaurant, as well as inside.

There will be no sacrifice on style, with a range of colours to choose from to suit the style of your café or restaurant, available in mesh and Colourbond. If location is one of your big draws, you can opt for see-through blinds, which will allow full enjoyment of the view, while still providing protection from the elements.

Café and restaurant blinds are energy smart and can benefit the main building as well. Café blinds reduce heat loss when the weather is cooler, and minimise heat gain when it’s warm. They can also allow a café or restaurant to control the airflow through their entertaining areas.

Not only are café blinds cost effective for their climate control, they’ll also save costs on outdoor furniture. Protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements will prolong their lifespan and keep them looking beautiful without the usual wear and tear from being out in the weather.

With many years’ experience installing café blinds in Perth, we ensure our blinds come equipped to handle the erratic Aussie weather. Come blistering heats, blustery winds or drizzly downpours, keep your customers comfortable all year round, and wait for the great reviews to roll in.

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