How to Insulate Your Home and Reduce Noise with Roller Shutters.

Roller shutters have been around for a long time, and that’s not surprising considering what a good job they do for enhancing security of a building. Using roller shutters can seal all vulnerable entry and exit points, providing the strongest possible (legal) protection against intruders.

An overlooked potential of roller shutters, however, is that they can also help to insulate your home. This includes both thermal insulation and audio insulation.

These are not the roller shutters your grandparents used

Old time roller shutters were much simpler devices than what exists today. The modern roller shutter is lighter, thicker, stronger, and quieter than the older models. Different materials are used, and the designers actually thought about the insulation factors, because this is an issue of much greater importance in the modern world than at any other time in history.

Another major difference is in the way they are operated. The earliest models of roller shutters had to be manually opened an closed individually. A time consuming and difficult job that had to be performed every time you wanted your home or business to be effectively secured.

After this, electric roller shutters were invented, and switching systems allowed multiple roller shutters to be opened and closed from a single point. This was a major step forward because it made the process of closing an opening a much quicker and easier task.

Then came the invention of the remote control, which not only improved convenience but also safety. You no longer had to leave your vehicle to operate the device, so if it was raining you could avoid getting soaked, and you didn’t have to worry about lurkers lying in wait, ready to ambush you as you approached your door.

As good as this was, there were still flaws in the design that could allow for the remote signal to be blocked or hijacked (this is a process of duplicating the signal so it can be used to gain unauthorized access).

The very latest systems use an encrypted access code that is virtually impossible to crack, and instead of operating through a line of sight remote control, they are now IoT devices that can be accessed through an Internet connection. This means you can use your phone to control it, and the whole process has end to end encryption, so there is no chance of the signal being hijacked or blocked.

How modern roller shutters achieve better thermal insulation

These products are constructed from multiple layers of material, arranged in a way that helps reflect heat instead of absorbing it. When materials absorb heat, that heat builds up and is released into the building adding to the internal temperature (it can also work the other way, absorbing heat from inside the building and taking it outside). This is called “heat transference”.

The worst sources of heat transference in your home are the windows. Fully transparent windows allow light to pass straight through, and the different wavelengths of light (especially UV light) create heat inside the glass as they pass through it. During the day, sunlight hits the glass and rapidly heats it up, and that heat energy is transferred to the air inside. This is exactly why the interior of your car gets so hot on a sunny day.

At night, the cold air outside pulls heat energy back out through the glass, which becomes very cold to the touch. Using barriers such as curtains and reflective solar shields, you can limit the effect of heat transference to some extent.

If you use even thicker and more opaque barriers such as roller shutters, the heat transference is almost completely blocked. Most of the heat energy is reflected back, and only a small amount is able to warm the interior layers of the shutter material.

Heat transference still occurs (it is an unbreakable law of physics), but it is slowed down enormously.

Shutters also help with noise insulation

The arrangement of the materials also helps to dampen noise. It is a similar principle, but this time instead of blocking light waves, the material is blocking sound waves. Sound waves travel straight through thin, single layer materials, as many who have stayed in cheap hotels can attest. Each layer of material weakens part of the sound wave, slowing it down and reducing its intensity.

The good thing about this is that it works both ways. You will be less troubles by sounds coming from outside, and you’ll also have better privacy.

Reduces energy costs and environmental impact in a single step

Better insulation means less energy gets wasted for heating and cooling. This obviously will help to lower your overall energy costs, and also is better for the environment. Today roller shutters are so inexpensive that the energy savings they can provide means the shutters practically pay for themselves over time.

Find out more by contacting Rollersmart

For smart roller shutters that work perfectly and are easy to operate, the best place you can find them is Rollersmart. Our roller shutters come with free technology upgrades that allow you to operate your shutters over an internet connection using your phone or other internet capable device.

Our products are safe, simple, effective, and strong. Your home or business will be more secure and you’ll enjoy the benefit that comes from improving your insulation by installing shutters.

How Our WiFi Operated Roller Shutters are a Breakthrough in Modern Security Technology

Roller shutters have long been one of the primary defences against burglary of residential and commercial premises. Easy to operate, and yet difficult to breach without detection, the roller shutter is a formidable barrier for an intruder to contend with.

Roller shutters can be used to protect doors, windows, garages, and warehouses. They work by creating a solid metal barrier that covers the entire opening. They should not be confused with an ordinary “roll-a-door”, because they’re much stronger and they’re designed to provide a high level of security.

The remote control roller shutter

A big step forward in roller shutter technology was the development of remote control operation, which allowed authorized persons to access the protected area more easily  and safely. The major advantages remote control operation introduced were:

  • Convenience – you do not need to exit your vehicle in order to operate the roller shutter. This would be especially an asset when it is raining.
  • Safety – by not needing to exit the vehicle to operate the roller shutter, a driver and passengers are not vulnerable to attack by lurkers.

Roller shutters operated in this way could either be operated by the driver of the vehicle or by security personnel. The flaw in the original design, however, is that traditional roller shutter remote control signals can be hijacked and also blocked.

Blocking a remote control signal will render it ineffective, allowing more time for a potential attacker to initiate an attack against a target vehicle before it has the opportunity to find shelter inside a building or flee.

Hijacking a remote control signal allows an intruder to duplicate the signal code and then use it at any time to access the protected area, thus making it no longer protected.

Rollersmart has the answer

Now we have taken this technology to a higher level, allowing your roller shutters to be operated via an internet connection.

This method means the signal is much more difficult to block due to the way WiFi works and is virtually impossible to hijack because the code sequence is protected by powerful encryption.

A traditional remote control beams a single signal bearing the code sequence in a straight line between the vehicle and the remote control signal receiver. WiFi control does not work like this. WiFi signals are assembled from multiple fragments that bounce around off any available surface.

Besides that, the system does not rely on line of sight operation anyway. Attempting to block the signal directly will not work.

You can operate your roller shutter using your phone, which can give the impression that it works like a traditional remote control, but it’s more complex than that.

What happens, in reality, is that instead of sending the access code sequence directly from the phone to the receiver, it is transmitted from your phone to your ISP server, and then relayed across the Internet to your WiFi router, and only then is it sent to the receiver controlling the roller shutter.

During this whole journey, the access code remains encrypted, and can’t be simply hijacked. Even if somebody did manage to intercept the signal, it is very unlikely that they would understand the purpose of it, or where it was intended to be used.

As a result, you have total convenience and security. Another way this technology can enhance security (especially if combined with other methods of a similar nature) is to allow you to create an impression of a building being occupied, even if there is nobody present, by remotely operating the roller shutter at random times of your choosing from anywhere you can access the Internet.

Available now in Australia from Rollersmart

This convenient and secure technology can be yours by ordering your roller shutters from Rollersmart. We don’t charge any extra fee for providing you with the technology; it is absolutely free for all our customers. There is no better way to help protect your home or business, so take advantage of this special offer by calling us on 04-3803-6900 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Why Roller Shutters Are Highly Popular These Days

There’s no doubt that roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular in Perth and it’s not hard to see why. There are many benefits to installing roller shutters that go far beyond home security and include weather protection, energy efficiency and aesthetics. These are just some of the advantages that are making smart roller shutters the number one durable window solution for all homes and businesses. Here are some of the reasons why roller shutters are so highly popular these days.


Of course, roller shutters have always been popular because of the security they provide, giving your home that extra level of protection. They offer a cost-effective solution to deter theft and provide a peace of mind for the safety conscious home owner. This has always been the main reason for the popularity of quality roller shutters however, there are now many other reasons people are deciding to install outdoor roller shutters.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

With more emphasis these days on protecting the environment and creating a sustainable home, many people are turning to roller shutters because of their energy efficiency benefits. People are now looking for easier ways to cut bills and promote a healthier environment, and investing in roller shutters is a good way to combine the two. Electric roller shutters are designed to insulate your home making it far cheaper and easier to regulate the indoor temperature. Roller shutters actually protect against 90% of heat and 70% of the cold, making them much easier on both the environment and your wallet.

Privacy and Noise Reduction

Privacy in your own house has always been important to home owners and roller shutters have become a popular way to ensure noisy neighbours or loud traffic can’t be heard. The vast majority of outside noises travel through windows but by installing electric roller shutters noise levels can be reduced by up to 50%. They also have the added bonus of blocking out noise going both ways, meaning that late night party won’t disturb the neighbours.


Probably one of the more surprising reasons why roller shutters are highly popular now is simply because of the aesthetics. Exterior shutters come in a variety of materials, colours and styles that suit all property types and can compliment your home in many ways. They offer a versatile aesthetic that is modern, neat and appealing and therefore people are opting to install roller shutters simply for their unique look.

It’s clear that the diverse range of benefits that roller shutters offer is why they are so popular. Gone are the days where roller shutters were only installed for their security advantages, nowadays, homes and businesses are using them for many reasons. Contact our team of highly experienced and friendly fitters at Roller Smart Shutters to help you decide on which roller shutters best suit your needs and budget.

The Benefits Of Roller Shutters

There are countless benefits to roller shutters from blocking out noise and filtering light to security protection. Here are a few of the key benefits to invest in roller shutters for your home or business.

Insulation and temperature regulation

Roller shutters provide excellent temperature regulation; keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Our smart roller shutters are designed with adjustable polyurethane filled slats, which help regulate airflow and reduce heat up to 95%. The insulative properties of roller shutters make them a great cost-saving and eco-friendly choice. There’s no need to pay for high electricity costs for heating or cooling.

Noise reduction & Privacy

Solve the disturbance of noisy neighbours or street traffic with double block-out roller shutters. Roller Smart Shutters have the latest Smart Block-out Electric Blind technology to reduce noise levels up to 50%. Blocking out noise works both ways, so you can also host guests late into the night without worrying about noise complaints. This also gives you the added benefit of privacy. You can prevent people from seeing into your house by blocking out the window entirely or reducing the visibility by adjusting the slats.

Light control

There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to natural lighting and roller shutters. Adjustable slats and the ability to roll away or bring down the shutter at a press of button gives you more control over lighting than any other window covering option. As Australia’s sunniest city, electric roller shutters provide Perth homes with much needed UV protection and light control.

Weather protection

Aside from being a great home insulation solution, outdoor roller shutters provide fantastic weather protection suitable for windy days. Our roller shutters can withstand winds up to 100hm/h without rattling. Even in the case of an unexpected hailstorm, the durable material shutters are made from can deflect debris and protect your windows.

Outdoor roller shutters make it possible to entertain guests all year around protecting your outdoor entertainment area from the weather as well as insects. There’s no need for you or your guests to worry about the pesky mosquitoes or flies.

Increased security

Unfortunately, Perth homes often experience home burglaries. Many of these break-ins occur through the window. The good news is that quality roller shutters made from durable materials provide additional security to your home. Roller Smart Shutters use marine grade rust-free aluminum coated with tough baked enamel to ensure the hard-wearing security shutters.

Depending on the look you are going for you can install indoor or outdoor shutters. There are also manual or electric shutters available for your convenience. To ensure the superior quality of your shutters at the most competitive price in Perth contact us at Roller Smart Shutters. With our qualified tradesman we can also install your shutters within 10 working days!