The Roller Smart difference

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know you want roller shutters and are looking for the right person to help you out. At Roller Smart, we’re different. It’s what we call ‘The Roller Smart Difference’.


What is the Roller Smart Difference?

We’ve been in the roller shutter business for over 25 years now, so we know how to make you happy. We’ve seen all kinds of customers will all kinds of houses – each one is unique, so each shutter needs to be unique too. We’ll work with you until we get it just right.


We offer the longest guarantee in the business. We’re so confident in our work that you’ll get a 10-year guarantee on your roller shutters with no fine print. Your shutters need to stand the test of time so you can have a happy home through anything Australia can throw at you whether it be weather, pests, or even noise.


If we haven’t installed your shutters within 10 working days, we’ll finish it for free. That means no waiting around for months, no interruptions to your life, just security and privacy as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ve even worked around a sleeping baby before!


Our low prices are real! We don’t over inflate the prices to make it look like you’re getting a massive discount. We’ll tell you from the start how much you’ll be paying, with no pushy sales tactics, just honesty. We even offer interest-free payment plans.


Our range of shutters is made by hand in our Perth factory, which you’re welcome to come and have a look around to see how they’re made.We use only the best materials and we want you to know what you’re getting into when you buy your roller shutters with us.


We sell DIY kits if you find someone else that you’d rather install your shutters. We’ll make the shutters, send them out and your tradesperson can sort the rest. While our prices are very competitive, we won’t be offended! We’ll just be glad you still love our shutters, because that’s what we’re here for.


What do our customers think?

We can sit here and tell you how great we are, or we can let other people do it! Here are a couple of our reviews:

  • “My house has two different shutters company. I don’t want to put names on board. My experience I prefer Roller smart shutters than other shutters. The other shutters which was installed by the other shutters company is very noisy when opening and not secured. But roller smart shutters are very quiet and soft when opening and much secured. My advice is roller smart shutters did a good work and much affordable. Think about it and don’t waste your money on other shutters company with lies. ROLLER SMART SHUTTERS IS THE BEST FOR SECURITY, NOISE AND WARM YOUR HOUSE ON WINTER.” – Dwayne
  • “HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Awesome service from start to finish. Can’t rate this company high enough for their customer interactions. Jennine was amazingly good to us…even with our multiple questioning in order to make our final decision. The Installer/ Electrician Paul was friendly, very knowledgeable and made everything look so simple with a detailed demonstration upon completion…. Guess it’s experience that counts. Thanks so much for a great team effort. We are truly happy with your service and our purchased product.” – Craig
  • “Got six quotes for my shutters so definitely shopped around, Roller Smart Shutters ticked all the boxes on quality, warranty, service and price, also offered awesome Wi-Fi control (can control my shutters from anywhere), highly recommend!” – Rob


If you’re still not sure, give us a call on 0438036900 for a chat, or visit our factory for a tour!

Benefits of Wi-Fi-controlled roller shutters in your home

Everyone has at least one smart appliance in their home, whether it’s a smart speaker, a smartphone, or even a smart coffee machine. So, at Roller Smart, we offer Wi-Fi controlled roller shutters to control when you’re out and about, or simply don’t want to get out of bed!


How do Wi-Fi controlledroller shutters work?

Remote controlled roller shutters have been around for decades. However, you have to be right in front of the shutter when you control it and in some cases the signals can be blocked or hijacked.


Roller Smart has taken this to a new level. By controlling your roller shutters via Wi-Fi, you can connect to the shutters using your phone from anywhere you have internet. Due to the way Wi-Fi works, the signals cannot be blocked and is almost impossible to hijack. This is because the code used is so encrypted; even the best hackers couldn’t crack it.


All you need is your phone. Using our free app, you can control everything. All you have to do is set up an account, connect it to the shutters and you’re ready to go. With your account, the whole family can sign into the app on their own devices and control the shutters separately.


What can they do?

If you’ve got noisy neighbours while you’re trying to sleep, you can shut them out from the comfort of your bed. The rollers can block out noise by reflecting the sound waves, stopping them with the thick material.


They’re made from only the highest quality materials, which means they’re strong and can protect you from all weathers Australia might throw at you. If you’ve left the house and hail, rain, or even a storm starts, you can close your shutters to keep your home protected from nature.


Roller shutters are a great way to control the climate – they can help keep it hot in the winter and cold in the summersimilarly to blocking out noise: by reflecting light rather than absorbing it. By using our Wi-Fi controlled roller shutters, no matter how far away you are, you can make sure your home is nice and cosy ready for you to come home to.


If you’re away, you might want to make it look like there’s someone home. You can either control this using the app, or you can even set it on a timer to come up and down at a set time if you have a daily routine. Even if you want them to stay shut, roller shutters are a great way to keep your house secure to make sure no one can get in.


This is especially helpful if you’re a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) worker if you’re in and out all the time. As well as opening and closing the shutters, you can adjust the slats which can let in more light and look like there’s someone there all the time, adjusting to the weather and lighting conditions.


Why you need to buy your shutters from Roller Smart

We’ve been in the shutter business for over 25 years now, so we know how important high quality materials are to high quality products. All our roller shutters are made from aluminium with polyurethane-filled slats, so they are strong and sturdy, making sure they last as long as you need. We’re so confident in our shutters that we even give a 10-year guarantee.


We want you to be happy with your roller shutters, so we’ll work with you to choose the design and size you need, and we’ll be by your side the whole way through. So, give us a call on 0438036900 to get your Wi-Fi controlled roller shutters bought and installed exactly how you like it.

How to block out noisy neighbours with roller shutters

Do you lay awake at night because of your noisy neighbours? Have you asked time and time again to keep it down, but they just won’t listen? Thanks to our roller shutters, you can keep that unwanted noise outside.


How does it work?

Although roller shutters can’t keep out 100% of noise – nothing does –Roller Smart’s latest Smart Block-out Electric Blind technology means they can keep out up to 80%. They are often considered one of the most effective ways to keep out noise pollution, whether it’s from neighbours, roads, or local festivities.The thick and durable materials used can reflect and absorb sound waves from the outside, creating a tight seal between the shutters and the windows.As they are custom built for your windows, there will be no gaps for noise to sneak into because you can adjust the slats to adapt to your needs.


Why you should choose roller shutters for noise reduction

They work both ways too! If you want a bit of privacy, or you’re the noisy neighbour people are always complaining about, roller shutters keep noise in as well as out. So, you can practice your drums, build your new project, and keep your private life private from both noisy and nosy neighbours.


Noise pollution can be a make or break decision for someone buying a house. If you’re looking to sell, but live in quite a noisy neighbourhood, you might want to consider installing roller shutters. They can put people’s minds at rest knowing that their house will be quiet, private, and also secure as there’s no way someone will be breaking in through these.


If you work overnight, they can make sleeping during the day a lot easier. By blocking out the noise, you won’t have to worry about neighbours waking you up, especially if they know you work nights. You can also adjust the slats for the light so with the darkness and the quietness, it will feel like you’re sleeping through the night, but during the day.


Roller shutters are extremely cost effective. We use only the highest quality materials in our shutters to make sure you get the best experience and there will be no added costs after the installation – it’s even easy to maintain them yourself. We offer payment plans on all of our products with 0% interest, so you know exactly what you’re paying upfront.


Installing your new noise protection

At Roller Smart, we’ll come and install your roller shutters at a time that suits you. It’s quite a simple process, so you won’t be left waiting around to shut out the noisy neighbours. Even the installation of the shutters won’t be too noisy – we’ve worked around a sleeping baby!


We’ve been working in the shutter industry for over 25 years and are highly committed to ensuring our customers are happy with the shutters and the job we do – if the job isn’t done within 10 days, we’ll finish it free of charge. We even offer a 10-year guarantee on both the shutters and the motor, we’re that confident in the quality of our work.


If you’re still not sure…

You can come and visit us in our factory to see how our shutters are made. You’ll see all of our high-quality materials being tested and made to other people’s specifications. If you’re worried about what it might look like, we can offer a free visual design of the shutters on your home with your choice of colour and designs.


Give us a call on 0438036900 for a quote and a chat and we’ll come out to you with any advice or help you might need.

Keep your house warm this winter with roller shutters

With Australian weather comes the unique challenge of keeping your home at its most comfortable temperature all year round. In the summer you want to keep the heat out, and in winter you want it kept in. And that’s where roller shutters come in.


How roller shutters keep your house warm

The polyurethane-filled slats in our roller shutters can reduce incoming heat by up to 95%, keeping the hot air in and the cold air out while still being able to control airflow. Due to the multiple material layers involved in making the shutters, they are able to reflect heat rather than store it. Storing the heat, especially in winter, will have the adverse effect on your house – making it even colder than it would have been without and increasing temperatures over the summer. By reflecting it, the cold air doesn’t reach the inside of your house so the layer between the windows and shutters remains warm – similar to how a car gets so hot on a sunny day.


Roller shutters also reduce condensation that might occur in your windows. Condensation happens when the warm air interacts with the cold windows which, in turn, cools the warm air down again. Because the shutters keep the windows from becoming cold, the warm air is less able to cool through the windows, heating your home more freely. Not only does condensation make your house colder, but it can also be the cause of damp in the windows that can damage them and create cracks for a draught to come through.


Roller shutters are great for your pocket

Having to keep using your heaters and electrics to warm you up over the winter can be an expensive habit, but it’s one you feel you need to stay happy. However, roller shutters are extremely affordable to install with no added costs. We use only the highest quality materials in our roller shutters, which means they’ll be in great condition, still working, in years to come. With the amount of money that you save on your energy bills, these roller shutters will pay for themselves.


They are custom made to your design

You might be worried about the aesthetics of roller shutters, but we make sure that they’re not an eyesore. While we have the experience and knowledge ofroller shutters, you have more knowledge of your house. You choose the material, colours and styles, and let us do the rest. Of course, we’ll give you tips and advice, but the rest is up to you.


Benefits of roller shutters

If you’re still wondering if roller shutters are for you, there are even more benefits they bring with them, for example:


  • They reduce noise pollution – if you live by a busy road, or just have noisy neighbours, adding extra protection to your home with roller shutters can keep the noise out more effectively, keeping your home both warm and quiet.
  • They protect against all weathers – they don’t only keep out the heat or cold, they are also fit to protect against wind, hail, and anything else the Australian weather could throw at you.
  • They make your home more secure –if you’re worried about the amount of burglaries in your area, roller blinds are the answer. No one can break through these roller blinds when they’re down, so you can sleep easy at night knowing your house is safe.
  • They’re Wi-Fi-controlled – control your shutters from anywhere with our Wi-Fi controlled shutters. Perfect for when you’re staying out later or just want it to look like someone’s home.

So, get yourself some roller shutters from Roller Smart today by calling 0438036900 or visit our factory to see what we can do for you.



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Our primitives used to live on the land and later developed houses to have a sense of security in their lives. The models of our houses have changed but security seems to still be the top priority among us humans and we cannot deny or negate this point. Every human should have this concern as security is the most important need.

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Roller Shutters And Their Types Used These Days!

As we approach the New Year Roller Smart Roller Shutters has improved its services once again by offering quicker turn-around times and factory direct prices. We have opened our new Factory in Balcatta, manufacturing Electric Roller Shutters, Remote Roller Shutters, Manual Roller Shutters and Commercial Roller Shutters for Installation Perth to Bunbury.

We continually strive to meet our Perth Roller Shutter customer needs and satisfaction and we are now bringing in a new flat slat for Roller Shutters that is slightly thicker than our Standard Curved Slats.

We must be aware that for the Month of November Perth Metropolitan district alone had 2335 Burglaries, by installing Perth Roller Shutters on your home windows your risk for a burglary will drop dramatically.

Roller Shutters Perth are made out of aluminium making the strength of them a lot harder to get through than just glass.

Roller Smart Roller Shutters are now introducing our new 10-day Guarantee. This offer will be 10 days’ installation from the day the deposit is received or the Roller Shutters are FREE.

Our 10-day guarantee will make you feel more confident in knowing exactly when your Roller Shutters Perth will be installed.

When deciding whether to have Electric, Remote or Manual Roller Shutters use the following as some helpful information;

Electric Roller Shutters are Perth’s most popular choice as they are decently priced and come with a switch on the wall next to the Roller Shutter making it easier to switch it up and down, leave the slats vented or able full light block out.

Remote Roller Shutters are controlled by a remote, each Roller Shutter will have their own remote or you are able to have all Shutters on a Multi-Channel Remote.

Manual Roller Shutters Perth are very affordable but have a Winding box on the wall next to the Shutter that you need to manually wind up and down.

Roller Shutters

Significance Of Using Manual Roller Shutters

Sometimes when you’re renovating your home or business in Perth, you may be tossing up between the various options of how to cover your windows and doors.

Manual roller shutters can be an excellent choice for those who want to protect their goods from the prying on, or possible theft. If you don’t have a window covering, then anyone can see into your home or business, and that could lead to a burglary, especially if you have valuables. Manual roller shutters give you the option to completely cover your windows. They sit right from the bottom and go all the way up to the top meaning that nobody can see in at all.

If you’re a shift worker, or you want to sleep during the day it can be hard to do if the light from the sun is coming in. Roller Shutters Perth have been designed in such a way that your windows will be completely covered. That will stop any light getting in so you’ll be able to have an uninterrupted sleep.

Manual roller shutters are a great choice because you can choose exactly when you close them. There is the option to partially close them if you’d like some light.

When you live in a built up area, you sometimes want privacy. Roller shutters give you that privacy. Unlike other window coverings, they’ve been designed in such a way that there are no gaps and they won’t blow in the wind, even when you have a window open, the roller shutters will still give you privacy and security.

it’s not just windows that manual roller shutters are useful for. Roller shutters Perth can also be used for doors, so if you have a glass door and it’s not giving you the level of security you want, you can install a manual roller shutter for your door and experience extra privacy and security.

Manual roller shutters are excellent in a commercial environment because they add an extra level of security that a door and closed windows simply can’t. That’s extremely useful if you have thousands of dollars worth of goods.

What Makes Our Electric Roller Shutters Noteworthy?

With the holiday season upon us, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your home, store or workplace is secured as it can be a prime time for thieves to strike. The Sydney Morning Herald has recently reported that most thefts take place on Christmas Day or New Years Eve.

With that in mind, it’s time to think about ramping up your security. Glass is incredibly easy to smash, however when you purchase electric roller shutters, you’re adding an extra level of security.

Electric Roller Shutters Will Serve Multiple Purposes.

They will prevent possible thieves seeing your valuables, and electric roller shutters will offer an extra level of security.

Electric roller shutters are constructed out of aluminium or other strong materials and have been design to stand up to Australian weather conditions.

When you’re deciding to install electric roller shutters in your premises you’ll be improving the safety, from burglars, and from extreme weather conditions that are known to strike Australia.

Roller Shutters Perth are appropriate for any type of premises. It doesn’t matter what size it is. The electric roller shutters will not take up much space, and can easily be operated using the property’s electricity system. With the push of a button you’re ready to go. They’re very similar in operation to an electric garage door and can shut in a matter of seconds. With electric roller shutters, you can also choose to automate their opening or closure. That makes electric roller shutters even more convenient than ever before.

If you run a business then you will get peace of mind knowing that your electric roller shutters will add another level of protection to your business. By choosing Roller shutters Perth, you won’t need to worry about glass being shattered and items being stolen while you’re away on holiday.

Electric roller shutters will protect you and your items from the sun’s harmful rays. Most people would have noticed clothes, curtains or other goods fade due to the sunlight. Electric roller shutters will prevent this happening because the light just can’t get in.

We Offer Roller Shutters Worth Your Money

If you are considering window coverings then you should definitely choose roller shutters. Roller shutters offer many benefits that you may not even be aware of.

A roller shutter offers more privacy than other window coverings. You can cover the entire window with ease. Other window coverings don’t allow the same. Roller shutters cover the entire window enabling you to enjoy a number of benefits.

We get extreme weather conditions in Australia so homes, or in particular windows, take a battering. Roller shutters protect from the harsh conditions and offer your windows an added layer of protection. That ultimately protects everything you have in your house.

If you’re concerned about then you shouldn’t be. Roller shutters cover the entire window which means you never need to worry about the light getting in again. It simply can’t get in. Roller shutters are designed out of incredibly thick material so they block out the light.

When people are considering window coverings they also want to know that it will fit with their existing aesthetic design. There’s no need to worry about that because roller shutters come in a variety of colours and materials so there is something to suit everyone. You can opt for neutral timber coloured shutters or white, or even black. It won’t matter what your style is.

Roller shutters help control your home’s temperature and therefore you will save money on your electricity bill. In Winter they will keep the cold out, but in the Summer when you want relief from the sun. That will save you money in electricity.