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    Built in Metal Shutters for Outside Windows

    You know how tough the hot summer days can be on your home and how unforgiving those winter months can become, particularly when a storm rolls in. If you are going from one season to the next experiencing different levels of comfort then perhaps the time has come to invest in metal shutters for your outside windows.

    Here at Roller Smart Shutters, we provide high-quality, aluminium shutters that those living in Perth and WA can have installed in their home in a couple of weeks. Not only will your home be transformed in terms of this wonderful addition to its look, but you will then be in control of just how hot or cold your house gets depending on the season.

    More good news comes in the form of a high quality service that all of our customers here at Roller Smart Shutter get as well as the assurance that qualified tradesmen installed their shutters and come fully insured.

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    How To Extend The Life Of Your Roller Shutters

    It’s one thing to have shutters installed in your home, but unless you do your part to care for them, then there is always a possibility that they will need repair or servicing at an inopportune time. You can always depend on the team here at Roller Smart Shutters if you do need the services of a professional, however, to help you reduce the possibility of this, here are a few handy pointers to help get the best from your shutters.

    Like anything else, it pays to keep your built-in shutters clean. If you find that your shutters are jamming or fail to close properly after a couple of years there a good chance that a build-up of grime or dirt and dust is the reason why. Those that live near the ocean are particularly susceptible to this, and as such, washing them every few months will keep everything working the way it should.

    If you are using electric motor shutters that operate using a remote control then always keep in mind that at some point the batteries may run out and need changing. This is a simple fix that costs you next to nothing and allows you to solve the problem without having to call on the pros or waste too much time without the benefit of your lovely shutters.

    This one may go without saying, however, you would be surprised how many folks install shutters only to leave them unused for extended periods of time. Regularly using your shutters ensures that the motor remains active and prevents the system from ceasing up.

    Finally, when you are closing them, have a quick look to make sure that nobody has left anything on the windowsill. If something is in the way of the shutters they will close on themselves, which could damage them.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Metal shutters for outside windows afford you many luxuries including heightened security. Here at Roller Smart Shutters, we put the customer first each and every time. We are not in the practice of providing sales quotes and pushing you for commitment. We much prefer to give great customer service and find the ideal solution for your home. Our reputation speaks for itself and we encourage those considering our services to check out our reviews online to see just how great our shutter solutions have worked out for your fellow Aussies.

    We provide roller shutter installation & repair for all types of shutters including aluminium roller shutters. For more info about roller shutters in Perth get in touch with us today.

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