4,680 Ways Ziptrak Can Help You Get More Out Of Your Week

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If you could find small, easy ways to create more time in your busy schedule, you’d  do it, right? Ziptrak blinds are that easy solution. Not only will you get a blind superior to traditional types of blinds, you’ll save time and effort in the years following installation.

Ziptrak blinds are incredibly time efficient compared to standard crank handle blinds. In the average house there are around three blinds in the outdoor area. In a test conducted by Ziptrak, the crank blinds took 1:45 to wind all three up. In comparison, the Ziptrak blinds took 15 seconds. That’s a time saving of 1.5 minutes each time you put the blinds up or down.

While this doesn’t seem significant in itself, consider how often you use the blinds. If you are moving 3 blinds up and down 3 times a week, it adds up to at least 9 minutes. That’s enough time to get any number of things done, from making a coffee for you and your guests, to hanging out another load of washing.

Over a year, it adds up to 468 minutes – that’s almost 8 hours. Take a second to think about what you can get done in 8 hours and Ziptrak blinds start looking like an even more attractive option.

Over a period of 10 years, this adds up to a massive 4,680 minutes (78 hours, or 3 whole days!) of your time saved – just from your choice of outdoor blind. For anyone looking to save time with minimal effort, the Ziptrak blind system is the perfect place to start.