Common Misconceptions About Between Ziptrak and Other Outdoor Alternatives

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Misconceptions generally come from a lack of information provided about a product. This is especially true with newer products. At Roller Smart we believe in full transparency, and we have busted the myths around outdoor furnishings so you don’t have to.

1. Steel is better than Plastic

Steel is typically considered much stronger than plastic, but the development of plastics over the years means that this is no longer true. The plastics used in Ziptrak locking Latches are high-quality and extremely durable, and unlike steel are completely rustproof. Most of the Frame is made from a high grade Aluminium Coastal areas are especially susceptible to rust, with plastic being the better option up against the salty sea air.

2. Cheap Blinds will do the Trick

While it’s true that cheaper blinds have a lot of the same benefits as zip track blinds in terms of weather protection, when it comes to blinds you tend to get what you pay for. Cheap blinds are made from lower quality materials, and are much more likely to break down or rust. Common points of weakness in cheaper blinds can include the crank handles, the material, or even the rope and pulley system.

3. Crank Handle is better than Zip Trak

The alternative to the zip track style of blind is the crank handle, where you wind the blinds up and down by turning a crank. Cranks have been around for years, and have gained a reputation as the best option. However, there are a number of ways that zip track blinds are superior, including:

  • Zip Trak blinds are much faster and easier to move up and down – simply pull the blind whichever direction you want to move it. Crank handles can take up to a minute per blind to move up or down.
  • Crank handles are at a higher risk of breakages than zip track as there are more moving parts.
  • The crank style of blind needs a crank stick to reach the crank component, which then needs to be stored somewhere easy to reach – this can not only be cumbersome, but could also create a tripping hazard.

4. Blinds are not Durable Against High Winds

This is one of the more prevalent misconceptions about zip track blinds. While many outdoor blinds will flap or rattle in the wind, the patented design behind zip track blinds means the blind is firmly secured in place, even in high winds.

The material of the blinds will not impact it’s wind resisting properties, as the edges of the blind are heat welded to the sides, creating a seal – meaning you don’t have to worry about your blinds flapping everywhere.