4 Benefits Of Installing Outdoor Blinds for Your Home

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Investing in outdoor blinds can affect much more than just the amount of sunlight coming into your outdoor area. They can create a multifunctional indoor-outdoor space that can be used year round, as well as providing a number of other benefits. Through discussions with our happy clients, we’ve narrowed down the benefits to these top four.

1: Keeping Insects and Leaf Debris Out

Outdoor blinds can provide a barrier for annoyances like insects and debris – it’s the #1 reason people buy them, after all. Insects such as flies and mosquitoes can very quickly shut down an outdoor gathering whether it’s day or night, but enclosing the area will stop any hasty departures by you or your guests.

By keeping debris out, it also means that your time spent cleaning the area (sweeping, dusting and removing unwanted objects that have blown in) will be greatly reduced.

2: Keeping the Weather Out

Outdoor blinds create a barrier between your outdoor entertaining area and the elements. Outdoor blinds can effectively keep out wind, rain, and dust out, as well as reducing the intensity of sunlight if you opt for the Sunscreen Mesh. It is estimated that having blinds on the exterior of your house can block up to 99% of heat and UV rays. This not only keeps your outdoor area cooler on hot days, it will save you on air conditioning costs by up to 75% as the rest of your house benefits from the shade.

3: Keeping the Warmth In

Just as outdoor blinds can keep the heat out, they can also keep it in. By enclosing your outdoor space, heat from gas space heaters will be more effective as it will be concentrated in the area. This means that your outdoor area will become useable even in the cold winter months.

4: Drying Washing Outdoors in Bad Weather Conditions

This is especially useful for anyone that doesn’t have a clothes dryer, as well as creating a much more environmentally-friendly alternative. Outdoor blinds give you the option to dry your washing without worrying about it getting wet again if it starts raining, or flying away in the wind. The average medium-sized household dryer, run for 45 minutes a day, can cost up to $113.48 over the course of a year. This is money easily saved if you have a protected space to dry your washing in!