6 Proven Reasons why People Prefer Ziptrak Blinds over Other Blinds

Despite being the new kid on the outdoor furnishing block, Ziptrak blinds are fast becoming the preferred option for a lot of consumers. How? It’s all in the product experience. Ziptrak blinds are preferred, among other reasons, because they are:


Ziptrak blinds are made from a plastic-based material, meaning they won’t rust – a common problem with steel outdoor blinds. This gives them a much longer lifespan, as they will hold their structural integrity. In Perth, the salty ocean air can mean a faster rusting time than other locations, making the rustproof nature of Ziptrak even more attractive to buyers.

User Friendly

The Ziptrak blinds have the simplest operating system of any outdoor furnishing – simply pull the blind up or down to any height along the track by hand. There are no cranks or locks, and virtually no moving parts that could break through misuse.


The ease of use of Ziptrak blinds means that they can be wound up or down much faster than other types of blinds. This saves lots of time in the long run, as you don’t have to wind a crank with a crank pole.


The materials used in Ziptrak blinds give them self-extinguishing properties. This means that even if they were to catch fire, the flames will not spread past the initial point of contact. As a result, Ziptrak blinds are much safer than traditional outdoor blinds, as it prevents fire potentially spreading to other areas of the house.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The design of Ziptrak blinds is extremely minimal, meaning there are no big locks or handles. As well as this, they stick out much less distance from the wall than other types of blinds (only 50mm), as the track is embedded into the frame. This creates more space and keeps your outdoor area feeling more open, as there isn’t a metal housing for your blinds sticking out up to 120mm.

Able to sit at any Height

Ziptrak blinds are locked in place, and can be left at any height – giving you full control over the amount of exposure to the elements. Whether you want full enclosure, or to leave them open at the bottom to let the breeze in, you can be sure that the Ziptrak blinds will not suddenly snap up or fall down in their tracks.

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